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          Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Runway Tech Co., ltd.!
          Service Hotline: 0510-88552263
          Honesty: the market changes, honesty is always the same...



          Add:Wuxi City, the new village Wu Qumei Jincheng Road No. 508

          Wuxi Runway Tech Co.,LTD無錫潤微科技有限公司

          Wuxi run Micro Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the company plant area of 2500 square meters, with more than 100 employees, including professional engineering and technical personnel and engineers about 30 people, including electrical and mechanical design of R & D personnel;


          Automatic chain velvet, cleaning up and down the characteris 1、Microcomputer control, stable and reliable work; 2、LCD screen display, menu operation interface, convenient man-machine dialogue; 3、A number of sound and light alarm function; 4、Can use standard container, strong commonality;...
          What is the automatic system of velvet, cleaning up and down Automatic system of velvet, cleaning up and down the chain machine is automatically placed in place the wafers from silicon wafer box to wool cleaning machine equipment, this equipment is the main components of a large number of use importe...
          What is a quartz boat Quartz boat and quartz glass, quartz glass is containing silica material, such as crystal, silica. Based on the four high temperature melted from silicon oxide as raw materials. The silica content is much higher than common glass, quartz gl...
          The purpose of the quartz boat Quartz boat is mainly used for electric light source, semiconductor, optical technology, etc. New type of light source: do high pressure mercury lamp, long arc xenon lamp, halogen lamp, thallium iodide light, infrared light and germicidal l...
          What is the injection mold Injection molding is a kind of in the production of plastic products; Is to increase the complete structure of plastic products and precise size of the tool. Injection molding is a mass production of some complex shape parts used when a pro...
          The classification of the injection mold According to the forming characteristics of injection moulds is divided into thermosetting plastic mould, thermoplastic plastic mold two; In accordance with the molding process is divided into the mold, blowing mold, casting mold, hot formi...
          equipmentProduction equipment